Celtic music playlists

Celtic music playlists

For new age and celtic music fans

Celtic music is one of the most popular new age genres there is! Such artists as Enya, David Arkenstone, Celtic Woman, Clannad and many others have become evergreen and millions of people fall in love with their songs again and again. We have created beautiful fantasy themed celtic playlists for you to dive into! On this page you can find Spotify players through which you can preview them or enter the Spotify application where you can follow them and listen either on the free Spotify player or if you are a subscriber, use them more fully. You can also find more thematic playlist collections on these pages:

For sleep

Celtic Music for Sleep

This playlist focuses on the calm new age ambient style of celtic music with peaceful and relaxing mood

For harp lovers

Celtic Harp

Harp is one of the instruments that really defines celtic music as a genre. This playlist focuses on harp

Fairies and magic

Fairy Music

For the lovers of fantasy literature and faery tales, this playlist focuses on the magic and mystical realm of the fae. Fairy music at its best!

For Enya fans


Enya deserves a playlist of her own. Originals and beautiful covers and tunes that have similar vibe, this playlist offers old and new for the Enya fans!