Piano music playlists

Piano music playlists

For fans of neoclassical piano music

We have built carefully curated piano music playlists filled with beautiful neoclassical piano minimalism. If you are fan of artists like Nils Frahm, Ludovico Einaudi or Max Richter, you will fall in love with these lists. Frozen Silence is one of our favourite artists and their piano tunes have gained massive popularity on Instagram reels and TikTok. Tunes such as New Home or Inspiration really take you on a journey! On this page you can find Spotify players through which you can preview them or enter the Spotify application where you can follow them and listen either on the free Spotify player or if you are a subscriber, use them more fully. You can also find more thematic playlist collections on these pages:

For history lovers

Dark Academia

Dark Academia has become a popular genre with it’s beautiful historical aesthetic and love for the dusty tomes and old libraries. This playlist focuses on intricate and nostalgic neoclassical vibe.

Best piano

The Best Piano Music

For pure piano lovers, this playlist contains some of the best neoclassical pure piano tunes ever written.

Cover songs

Piano covers

If you are looking for beautiful piano versions of hit songs, this playlist contains many beautiful cover versions played on piano


Piano for Sleep

If you are looking for relaxing piano music to help you sleep, we got you covered! This playlist focuses on relaxing sleep inducing calm piano