Relaxing music to help you sleep

Relaxing music to help you sleep / focus / study / relax

We have built carefully curated relaxing music playlists filled with calm music to help you relax. On this page you can find Spotify players through which you can preview them or enter the Spotify application where you can follow them and listen either on the free Spotify player or if you are a subscriber, use them more fully. You can also find more thematic playlist collections on these pages:

Studio Ghibli Sleep

Ghibli Sleep

This is for the anime / Ghibli fans. Contains beautiful relaxing piano cover versions of beloved Studio Ghibli classics like Spirited Away, Totoro or Howl’s Moving Castle, ready to take a true otaku to relaxing sleep. Put it on and relax!

Relaxing music for sleep

432hz Sleep

This is the playlist to help you sleep. Contains beautiful relaxing ambient music with 432 hz solfeggio frequencies, made to take off daily stress and help you unwind and let your brain go into deep sleep mode. Put it on and relax!

Calm music for healing

Healing sleep

Healing sleep playlist with relaxing music – focus on helping your body and mind wind down and get the well needed rest to get up more focused and in a better state of mind and body

Peaceful music from the first tribes

Native American Sleep

Native American Sleep focuses on the beautiful spirit flute and relaxing sleep ambient that combines elements from the first tribes with modern new age

Beautiful music of the whales

Whale Sounds

Whale sounds combined with beautiful and relaxing music of the modern day new age ambient take you on a journey to the depths of the ocean where the water and waves calm and wind you down

Relaxing music for massage

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy playlist contains relaxing music for spa / reiki / therapy sessions. Help your customer relax and calm down with this playlist that focuses on beautiful and calming new age music

Relaxing music for tantra

Tantra Sensuality

Tantra – the art of love and spirituality requires perfect background music as well. This relaxing music playlist focuses on the emotional and romantic aspect of tantra

Relaxing music for spas

Spa Music

Spas are the modern day places for relaxation and calm peaceful mind. This playlist is perfect for spas. Combines beautiful new age elements with water and brooks

Relaxing music for reiki

Reiki Music

Reiki – the art of energy and healing requires proper background music as well. This playlist focuses on the healing and energetic aspects of reiki therapy